The Ultimate Makeup Brush Guide

BLOG_Ultimate Makeup Brush Guide

The Ultimate Makeup Brush Guide

Everyone loves stocking up on makeup brushes and they are something that you hear makeup artists and bloggers talking about all the time. However, knowing which brush is meant for what can be a little confusing, so here’s the breakdown.


Face Brushes

There are a whole host of different shaped and sized brushes for different face makeup, from those best for mineral foundations, to those great for contouring. These are some of the most popular styles.

BLOG_Ultimate-Brush-Guide_2_Foundation Brush

Foundation Brush

  • – Looks like: Wide and flat, with a rounded tip.
  • – Perfect for: Applying liquid foundations over the face into the contours of the nose and eye sockets.
  • – How to use it: Dab foundation onto the face first then use the brush to smooth out, from the centre of the face outwards.
  • – Recommended: Tonymoly Professional Foundation Brush

BLOG_Ultimate-Brush-Guide_2_Powder Brush

Powder Brush

  • – Looks like: A large fluffy brush with a slightly rounded top.
  • – Perfect for: Powder products over the face, perfect for applying setting powders all over the face.
  • – How to use it: For setting makeup, tap over the face. For applying blush or bronzer powders, swirl upwards onto the cheeks and over the temples.
  • – Recommended: Nude by Nature Mineral Powder Brush (Limited Edition)

Kabuki Brush

  • – Looks like: A big, densely packed brush with rounded bristles, usually with a short handle.
  • – Perfect for: Powder makeup and mineral foundations.
  • – How to use it: Use circular motions to apply any powder makeup, to give a flawless full coverage finish.
  • – Recommended: Tonymoly Professional Pink Kabuki Brush

BLOG_Ultimate-Brush-Guide_2_Stippling Brush

Stippling Brush

  • – Looks like: Densely packed, usually with duo-fibre bristles and a blunt top.
  • – Perfect for: Blending foundation or cream products for a smooth, airbrush-like finish.
  • – How to use it: Tap (“stipple”) cream products with circular motions.
  • – Recommended: LA Girl Stippling Pro.Brush 103

BLOG_Ultimate-Brush-Guide_2_Blush Brush

Blush Brush

  • – Looks like: Fluffy and slightly tapered with a rounded top, smaller than other powder brushes.
  • – Perfect for: Applying and blending out powder blush.
  • – How to use it: Swirl into your blush pan, tap off any excess and swirl onto the apples of the cheek, blending upwards.
  • – Recommended: Real Techniques Blush Crush Blusher Brush

BLOG_Ultimate-Brush-Guide_2_Contour Brush

Contour Brush

  • – Looks like: Fluffy with a slightly tapered tip.
  • – Perfect for: Applying contour products along the hollows of the cheeks.
  • – How to use it: With upwards, circular strokes just under the cheekbones, then up over the temples and under the jaw to add definition to the face.
  • – Recommended: Garbo & Kelly Defining Contour Brush

BLOG_Ultimate-Brush-Guide_2_Concealer Brush

Concealer Brush

  • – Looks like: Small, firm, flat and tapered.
  • – Perfect for: Specific and precise concealer application.
  • – How to use it: Dab concealer onto any problem areas, tapping out over the edges to blend into your complexion while keeping the coverage.
  • – Recommended: Tonymoly Professional Concealer Brush

BLOG_Ultimate-Brush-Guide_2_Fan Brush

Fan Brush

  • – Looks like: A fan with wide flared out hairs.
  • – Perfect for: Brushing off excess powder or eyeshadow under the eyes. Great for applying powder blush, contour or highlighter along the cheeks when desiring a lighter application.
  • – How to use it: Lightly dust over the face in a back and forth motion where needed.
  • – Recommended: LA Girl Fan Pro.Brush 102

Eye and Lip Brushes

Whether you want to master a beautifully blended smokey eye, draw on a delicate flick of liner or get a perfect pout, these specialised brushes are what you need.

Eyeshadow brush

  • – Looks like: Soft, tapered, tightly packed hairs.
  • – Perfect for: Adding eyeshadow with precision, both into the crease and over the lids.
  • – How to use it: Perfect for cream or powder shadows, to tap or sweep all over the lids.
  • – Recommended: Garbo & Kelly Double Eyeshadow Brush

BLOG_Ultimate-Brush-Guide_2_Blending Brush

Blending brush

  • – Looks like: A medium-sized, fluffy eyeshadow brush, with a slightly tapered tip.
  • – Perfect for: Blending shadows together through the crease to prevent harsh edges lines.
  • – How to use it: With a light hand, swirl it through the crease or your eye to soften lines and blend shades.
  • – Recommended: Nude by Nature Blending Brush 15

BLOG_Ultimate-Brush-Guide_2_Smudger Brush

Smudging brush

  • – Looks like: Tightly packed, small bristles with a slightly rounded top
  • – Perfect for: Smudging out liner or shadow along the eyeliner or under the eye.
  • – How to use it: Lightly smudge the shadow or liner along the top or bottom lash line.
  • – Recommended: LA Girl Smudger Pro.Brush 206

BLOG_Ultimate-Brush-Guide_2_Angled Liner Brush

Angled Liner or Brow Brush

  • – Looks like: Small, tightly packed and flat with an angled top.
  • – Perfect for: Applying gel, cream or powder liner/shadow along the lash line or brows.
  • – How to use it: Lightly dip into your product and drag along the lash line or fill out the brows.
  • – Recommended: Garbo & Kelly Brow Brush

BLOG_Ultimate-Brush-Guide_2_Fine Liner Brush

Fine Liner Brush

  • – Looks like: Tightly packed hairs with a fine, pointed tip.
  • – Perfect for: Precision eye lining with liquid, cream or gel eyeliners.
  • – How to use it: Lightly dip into product then drag along the lash line in delicate strokes.
  • – Recommended: LA Girl Angled Liner Pro.Brush 208

BLOG_Ultimate-Brush-Guide_2_Lip Brush

Lip Brush

  • – Looks like: Very small and fine with a squared off tip.
  • – Perfect for: Providing a defined line to the edge of your lipstick.
  • – How to use it: Tap onto your lipstick to coat the brush, lightly swipe over the back off your hand to remove excess product then use to line the edge of the lips and fill them in.
  • – Recommended: INIKA Organic Vegan Lip Brush

Brow Brush

  • – Looks like: Small with firm, tight hairs that are angled, similar to an Angled Eyeliner Brush.
  • – Perfect for: Filling in eyebrows with cream, gels, powders or pomades
  • – How to use it: Lightly dip into product and apply in small, light, fine strokes through the brows.
  • – Recommended: LA Girl Duo Brow Pro.Brush 207



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