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soya garden

soya garden is inspired by the beauty and natural abundance of Aotearoa. Infused with plant protein actives, supported by the purest and exceptional natural ingredients, harnessing their beneficial properties and complemented with a fun, pastel aesthetic packaging to develop a truly New Zealand skincare line – SOYA GARDEN, each product is intentionally formulated to provide both individual benefits as well as work in synergy with the rest of the range.Embrace our uniquely simple approach to skincare and join the skincare journey with soya garden. Based on clean and highly effective formulas, we suggest skipping the multiple-step routine, to make you enjoy your free time instead of being stuck in the bathroom.

We promote clean beauty, balanced living, and total wellness – going beyond the skin to embrace the whole being.

We Define “good for you beauty” with our promise to deliver formulas that are:

We’re not about changing the way you look,

We’re out to change the way you feel;

More healthy, more vibrant, more comfortable in your own skin;

Because we know, when you feel amazing;

You’ll lift the world (and everything in it) up;

And that’s what we live for.