Manicare Precision Brow Grooming Kit



Manicare Precision Brow Grooming Kit

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The Manicare® Precision Brow Grooming Kit is your must-have duo for achieving natural tamed, or statement brow effortlessly.

The stainless steel eyebrow scissors targets controlled and precision shaping, while the detachable comb attachment aids in guiding your eyebrow hair, ensuring consistent trimming for perfectly groomed brows. Each kit comes with a brow spoolie to lift and shape for a natural or statement look.

Beauty tip
Detachable comb can be removed from scissors for closer access to individual eyebrow hairs, allowing you to shape or clean up specific areas as desired.

Care tip
After use, wipe scissors with a clean, damp cloth to remove any remove any hair or residue. Leave scissors open and allow to dry naturally. Store in a clean, dry place. Clean the spoolie gently with warm soapy water after each use and allow it to air dry.

1. Make sure your eyebrows are clean and free from any makeup or oils. 2. Using the spoolie, comb your eyebrow hairs upward and outward. This will help you see the natural shape of your brows and identify any longer or unruly hairs that need trimming. 3. Hold the eyebrow scissors in your dominant hand. 4. Position the comb attachment of the scissors over your brow, so the comb teeth are facing upward. The comb will help guide the scissors and protect your skin from accidental cuts. 5. Carefully insert the scissors parallel to the comb and trim the excess length of hair. Trim small amounts at a time to avoid cutting too much. Always trim in the direction of hair growth, which is typically outward and upward. 6. Once you're satisfied with the shape and length of your eyebrows, brush them again with the spoolie, ensuring hairs are combed in the one direction. 7. Scissors can be used with or without the comb. 8. To remove or attach the comb, ensure the scissors are closed then slide the comb on or on the scissors. Sharp implement with sharp blades. Handle with care. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN.

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