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MYM Beauty is a stockist of Ralph Lauren Parfums.

From sporty to romantic, Ralph Lauren's fragrances are much more than beautiful scents, captured in striking bottles – they’re about a spirit, a mood, and a moment. Let’s start with romance – since love and fragrance are so intrinsically linked, Lauren's woody floral fragrances are created for the man or woman who believes in true love, affection, warmth and togetherness, evoking the timeless essence of romance and the simple joys of life.
Though he did not partake in any formal design training and started his career in fashion as a salesman, Ralph Lauren managed to grow his necktie business into a billion-dollar empire, and his wares are forever identified with the sporty and preppy lifestyle. After dropping out of business school and serving in the Army, Lauren worked for Brooks Brothers before securing financial backing to open his store, Polo Ralph Lauren, in 1967 at the age of 28. Within two years, he was able to open his own boutique within Bloomingdales, and dropped from its name, the Polo line remains the flagship brand of the company, and its clothing offering span from sportswear to formalwear and reflect a classic American style ties in with a rugged, outdoorsy image. The main logo of the company is still a polo pony with or without a polo player.