Your Autumn Haircare Update

BLOG_Autumn Haircare Update

Your Autumn Haircare Update

After having soaked up the sunshine over the summer, now is a great time to give your hair a luxurious treat and a chance to repair. Whilst we may love the sea and sun for a relaxing holiday, prolonged exposure to sun, salt water and chlorine can lead to hair becoming dry, brittle and therefore more susceptible to breakage – cue those dreaded split ends and dullness. But all is not lost! Here is your update at-home   to help repair the appearance of your hair and restore those luscious locks!

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At-Home Haircare Ritual

To keep your hair looking forever post-salon perfect, Kérastase have a deliciously indulgent range of at-home products to renew those post-holiday locks and keep them in top condition. The Kérastase Resistance range helps strengthen hair and reinforce the weakened fibre to prevent further damage – as well as giving it an ultra-shiny finish. Like in-salon treatments, this range is developed from Vita-Ciment technology which smooths and replenishes hair day after day. Add the Bain Force Architecte shampoo, the Ciment Anti Usure conditioner and the Masque Force Architecte conditioning treatment mask to your pampering routine to put the ‘wow factor’ back into your sun-damaged hair.


Kérastase Resistance Bain Force Architecte Shampoo – $49.00

– Rebuilds and strengthens the hair fibre
– The fibre is revitalised
– Fibre is shiny and smooth
– Hair is soft and firm to the touch
– Toned hair fibre
– Anti-breakage action

Revive brittle hair with Kérastase Resistance Bain Force Architecte, a strengthening shampoo that has been specially formulated to cleanse and fortify damaged hair at erosion levels 1-2. Using a Vita-Cement® Complex, the shampoo effectively lifts away dirt and impurities while strengthening the feel of brittle hair to help prevent breakage and split ends. Damaged hair is left feeling soft, sleek and protected.


Kérastase Resistance Ciment Anti-Usure Conditioner – $49.00

– Fibre reconstruction
– Strong resilient hair fibre
– Hair daily repair
– Suited for daily use
– Split ends are sealed

Ciment Anti-Usure is a repairing anti-breakage conditioner designed for weakened and damaged hair, at level 1 and 2 or erosion. Its innovative combination of ingredients helps the fibre to be reconstructed day by day, for the hair to be strong to the touch and more resistant. Ideal for finer hair, this conditioning treatment is ideal for daily use.

Kérastase Resistance Masque Force Architecte – $65.00

– Fibre reconstruction
– Fibre revitalisation
– Fibre is shiny and smooth
– Hair is softened and reconstructed
– Hair strengthening effect
– Damage repair
– Anti-breakage action
– Split-ends prevention

Masque Force Architecte is a repairing reconstructing masque for damaged and weakened hair, at erosion level 1 and 2. The combination of Vita-Ciment® and Sève de Résurrection ensure that each fibre is deeply reconstructed, revitalised, shine and smooth. The hair is softer yet stronger. Breakage and split ends are prevented for durable results


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