Where Should You Really Apply Perfume?

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Where Should You Really Apply Perfume?


We all love a generous spritz of our signature perfume before heading to work, or a dab of that luxury fragrance oil before a magical night out, but are we really making the most of it? If you think your scent could last for that tad bit longer before it disappears into the air, then this blog post is for you.

The perfume and fragrance experts here at MYM are spilling the tea for all our scent-lovers everywhere – where should you really apply perfume? Find the answer to this age-old question below!

Behind the ears

Just like your wrists, behind the ear is a “pulse point” area that you’re probably not taking advantage of. A pulse point is where the veins are closest to the surface of the skin. Applying your perfume gently to your pulse points supercharges your scent, as these areas are warmer and generate more heat. The heat from the pulse points will activate your fragrance and make it more enticing throughout the night.

Dabbing a few drops on the top of your ears also works wonders as the skin on this area isn’t as dry.

Belly button

If you decide to sport a crop top or anything that exposes your midriff (bikini season can’t come any sooner), dab some perfume with your finger tips in your belly button. This is pro a tip from actress Liv Tyler, which she heard from her father Steve Tyler. She also told Into The Gloss that she dabs some under her arms.

“My dad taught me that—if you put it where you heat up, the smell stays with you.” This has stayed with us ever since!

Inside your elbows

Inside the elbows is another pulse point that everyone should take advantage of. Your elbows are much closer to the centre of your body so the scent diffuses subtly and seems like it’s coming from your whole person rather than just on your wrists. And don’t forget to moisturise your arms before you do this! Scents lock on to skin that is soft, smooth and moisturised.

Down your back

Sometimes, applying perfume directly on your clothes or chest can create an overpowering sensory experience for those around you – and you don’t want your date to feel attacked by your perfume. To balance it out, spray down your back between clothing and skin. This will not only make your perfume last longer by latching onto both skin and fabric, but also helps diffuse the scent a little more than usual.

On your hair

And, no, we don’t mean just spraying it directly on your hair. A spritz of your favourite perfume on your brush or comb will make your hair smell divine, with this technique creating a subtle scent through even application. Fragrance latches onto the fibres of your hair for a long-lasting, luscious effect.

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