Scent and Perfume Companions for Every Holiday Adventure

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Scent and Perfume Companions for Every Holiday Adventure

Holiday season is here and we’re all gearing up to pack our bags and shoot off for another great summer holiday. Let’s be real, some of us are probably already mentally packing our luggage in our heads while we’re whizzing time away at work, but have you thought about what scent you want to flaunt during the holidays?


Holiday scents aren’t just about making you smell great every day; they’re also about creating lasting memories and being able to summon them through that scent! Choosing the perfect scent companion is going to depend on where you’re going and what you’re going to do – whether you’re off to a large cityscape, tropical beach getaway, or rugged outdoor adventure, you’ll need the perfect pick.

To help you get geared up for your next summer holiday (or winter – it really depends on where you’ll be in the world), check out these perfume companion picks from our fragrance experts here at MYM Beauty!

Urban Getaways

Think high-rise buildings and luxurious nights out – urban getaways are perfect for city girls who love the urban landscape. Whether that’s Auckland, Melbourne, or even New York, you’ll want to wear sophisticated, classic scents that add a touch of luxury and sensuality. Check out our fragrance must-haves for city-based holidays.

YSL’s Black Opium

This one’s a no-brainer. Yves Saint Laurent’s Black Opium EDP is a highly addictive feminine fragrance that’s seductively intoxicating thanks to opening notes of coffee and vanilla, while staying modern and vibrant with soft white flower scents. Plus, the bottle is so glamorous it’s pretty much an accessory!

Giorgio Armani’s Si

Modern, sophisticated, and chic all in one, Giorgio Armani’s Si EDP is a voluptuous and soft Eau de Parfum that lingers on the skin, enchanting the senses with its signature rose scent. Made for the modern woman who’s strong yet feminine, you won’t want to be without this when you strut out on the high street!

Viktor & Rolf’s Bonbon

Ready to wine and dine? Viktor & Rolf’s Bonbon EDP is the epitome of a scent that encourages self-indulgent moments, making you feel empowered, beautiful and complete while you pursue pleasure in all its forms. Enjoy key notes of caramel surrounded by sweet citrus flowers all day and night long!

Summers in Tropical Paradise

If you’ve planned this year’s summer getaway in a warm, tropical paradise – maybe at a beach, resort, or in an exotic tropical country – you’ll need refreshing fragrances and playful citrus scents to match!

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb

Nothing says floral more than Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb EDP – an explosive floral bouquet. Thousands of flowers give their essence to this ultra-feminine, delicious and sensual fragrance, perfect for lounging around near the pool or getting a tan on the warm sand in your ultra-cute, new bikini.

Juicy Couture’s Hollywood Royal EDT

Nothing says fun and playful like Juicy Couture. Hailed as a gourmet floral fragrance, it gives you the scent of candied apple, juicy pear, gardenia and jasmine, with a marshmallow and vanilla base.

Outdoor Summer Adventures

If you’ve planned an outdoor summer holiday going hiking with friends or camping out for music festivals, then musky, seductive scents should be in your travel bag. It can get quite hot and sweaty out there, so you’ll need something strong that blends well with bodily scents.

DIESEL’s Loverdose

Fun, excessive and addictive, DIESEL’s Loverdose EDP has floral, spicy, vanilla and wooden notes, combined to create this weapon of mass seduction. Ignite passions outdoors with this woody, musky scent that lasts all day.

YSL’s Baby Doll

Last but not least, YSL’s Baby Doll is a flirty, fun, forever young and happy-go-lucky fragrance that lives in the moment. Perfect for fresh, sunny days in the great outdoors, this scent will leave you feeling light-hearted all summer long within its fruity, floral harmony that’s perfect for day-long hikes. Baby Doll is basically summer in a bottle!



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