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MYM Beauty is an official stockist of Electric Ink.

After noticing the very limited skincare options available for this consumer group, the Electric Ink team decided the time was right to launch their specialist range among everyday skincare products. Founder, Simon Forster, had this to say on the brand making its long awaited arrival to market.

“When your body is your canvas, and tattoos are your stories. When your sleeves are made of ink, and covering up means new art. Stand up and stand out with their brand. Specialist aftercare packed with active ingredients to keep your skin nourished, and tattoos looking fresh and defined.”

Welcome to the alternative way of maintaining your skin. Demanded by our lifestyle and developed for yours, our products are 100% vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

Electric Ink Vibrancy Serum: Maintains pigment and promotes vibrancy of tattoo whilst hydrating skin. This unique tattoo body serum includes a selected blend of skin nourishing active.

Daily Moisturiser: Helps protect your tattoo and skin whilst keeping it fresh, nourished and defined. This unique tattoo moisturiser includes a selected blend of skin nourishing actives.

Defining Body Oil: Moisturisers whilst delivering gloss and clarity for that fresh ink look. Packed with essential ingredients that hydrate your skin. This unique tattoo aftercare oil includes a selected blend of skin nourishing actives.

All products include a a selected blend of skin nourishing actives. Including; coconut oil which has great moisturising abilities and its light texture is ideal for skin. Vitamin E Acetate assists with increasing the moisturisation of the skin’s surface and helps to prevent the signs of sun damage. Vitamin C derivative helps to reduce the signs of UV induced pigmentation and the appearance of skin ageing. White lupin seed extract is rich in Lupeol and helps to improve skin’s elasticity and firmness.

Shop the Electric Ink range here on MYM, including the popular Tattoo Care Vibrancy Serum, Tattoo Care Daily Moisturiser and Tattoo Care Defining Body Oil.

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