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Clarins, a company defined by its unique expertise in plants and respectful of biodiversity. Using the best plants in their optimal concentration, combining nature, science and respect to always create more efficient and distinct products, that is Clarins! It also has an innovative approach to efficient beauty, which contributes to well-being, balance and happiness. That which seamlessly combines products and targeted application methods.

Clarins’ history starts in 1954 on rue Tronchet in Paris. In his beauty institute, Jacques Courtin-Clarins developed a massage oil with essential oils and slimmin properties designed to increase the effectiveness of skin-firming massages. At the request of his customers, he decided to sell it. And that was the beginning of the relationship marked by trust and dialogue that continues to this day.

Supported by its founder’s motto – “Do more, do better and enjoy doing so” – the address in paris has become an internationally renowned grou, the world leader in cosmetics, skincare, makeup and fragrance.

From plant to product. Behind the pleasure of a finished product lies a long scientific path, a unique and demanding know-how. Clarins researchers have always based part of their work on this observation of nature to create plant-derived products that have innovative performance.

Always searching for the most active plant extracts, Clarins Research works with a network of botanists who study traditional plant usage worldwide. Their work has been validated by rigorous scientific experiments, has opened the way towards innovation, and has allowed Clarins to become a renowned pioneer in skin care. Each plant is carefully analysed and screened so that it delivers only the very best. The most sctive part of the plant (leaf, flower, stem or root) is selected based on strict performant criteria (including safety) and is used in the most effective concentration.

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