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Capturing the refinement and the elegance of Bvlgari’s essence, the Fragrance collection for women and men is a scented expression of luxury. Treasuring the charm of dazzling gemstones or inspired by the force of nature, these captivating perfumes are always crafted like a precious jewel.

Bvlgari is an Italian jewellery and luxury goods retailer that was founded in Rome in 1884 by Greece-born Sotirious Voulgaris. For more than a century, the brand has been synonymous with exquisite fine jewellery designs and other fine fashions. Since the fashion house began producing Bvlgari perfumes in the 1990s, Bvlgari’s line of fragrances has attracted and equally ardent high-fashion following.

First-time buyers may be surprised that the perfume line is only a few decades old, with many sophisticated Bvlgari fragrances boasting extremely subtle scent profiles.

Since the days of Bulgari’s founder, the house has dramatically expanded its line. Bulgari fine jewellery and watches still feature precious stones and classical designs, and the brand is now also associated with signature perfumes and colognes. Since the mid-20th century, the line has also become an icon of Greco-Roman design, winning many enthusiasts worldwide for its distinctive look. Today, the brand has 300 shops worldwide. However, trekking to one of the brick-and-mortar shops is no longer necessary with our selection of Bvlgari’s most beloved fragrances available.

The first Bvlgari perfume was introduced in 1992, building on the brand’s reputation for elegant jewellery, watches and accessories.

2018 celebrates the 134th year of Bvlgari, a name emblematic of Italian excellence. Inspired by 2,700 years of Roman history, Bulgari honours its rich past within modern designs. Known for stylistic audacity and a penchant for colour, Bvlgari pieces are immediately recognisable. The company name is a derivative of the founder’s last name, and the letter “V” in the word is the Latin classical alphabet character for letter “U”, so the word is pronounced simply as if it were written as “Bulgari”.

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