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MYM Beauty is an official stockist of clarisonic.

Clarisonic believes that beauty is more than skin deep, but that's a good place to start. When it comes to beauty, they believe radiant skin is the best foundation. They have transformed the skin of millions of customers with its game-changing technology and results that inspire lifelong loyalty. After all, you live your life in you skin. It's how you face the world. So join them in putting your best skin out there every day.

Why Clarisonic?

Better mirror moments. Go beyond anti-aging skincare products along. Micro-firming face massage smooths the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Skin feels firmer, face and neck appear lifted.

Better acne cleansing. Gently and effectively cleanse away blemish-causing debris, oil, makeup and sunscreen. Get more from your acne products. Cleanse daily to fight excess oil and acne. Clarisonic cleanses so thoroughly yet gently, products absorb better.

Better makeup – on and off. Removes long wear makeup and sunscreen!

Better shaving and beards. More comfort. Closer shave. Smaller looking pores. Plus a feel-good, look-better clean all over. Real guys agree Clarisonic works. Dirt, oil and sweat be-gone. The proof is in the trying. See and feel the difference the first time.

Clarisonic's patented technology activates the power of water to gently clear away what otherwise may hide deep inside pores. What's trapped inside pores may be getting in the way of your healthiest looking skin (e.g. makeup, sunscreen, dirt, oil, & debris or pollution). Clarisonic cleans 6x better than hands alone. Soft and gently. No harsh chemicals required – just fresher, smoother, softer skin.