How To Bake Your Makeup

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How To Bake Your Makeup

Everyone seems to be baking these days, from YouTuber to Makeup Artist to Kim Kardashian, the term is being thrown around here, there and everywhere! But what does it actually mean? We’re here to demystify the trend and get you incorporating it into your beauty routine.

What is baking?

“Baking” is a technique used to set your makeup. After applying concealer where needed, often to sculpt the face, a bevy of setting powder is added. This compacts the concealer between your face and the powder and allows it to “bake” or set in place using your body’s temperature. Afterwards, the powder is gently brushed off and you will have a flawless finish that will last much longer!

Baking makeup has been around for centuries, even dating back to the Victorian and Egyptian Eras. It was largely brought into the zeitgeist by the theatrical and drag communities as it was a great way to keep makeup looking great under the stress of heavy stage lights.

Now we see it everywhere, with Kim Kardashian baking in her Instagram Stories and James Charles & Jaclyn Hill adding it to their daily routine. Here’s how you can do it too!


Step One: Concealer

After your foundation application, add your matte concealer where needed – to cover imperfections and/or to sculpt the face – and blend well with a beauty blender.

To define the face, apply a concealer a shade or two in a triangle under your eyes, under your cheekbone, down the bridge of your nose and in the centre of your forehead.

One of our favourite concealers perfect for baking:

L.A. Girl’s HD Pro Concealer is crease-resistant with opaque coverage in a creamy, yet lightweight texture. The long-wearing formula camouflages darkness under the eyes, redness and skin imperfections. Provides complete, natural-looking coverage, evens skin tone, covers dark circles and minimises fine lines around the eyes.

Step Two: Powder

Gently dip a clean, slightly damp beauty blender into a loose, translucent powder. Dab this generously onto the skin where you originally placed your concealer. It’ll look like a lot of powder in the beginning – but don’t worry, that’s the point!

One of our favourite powders perfect for baking:

This translucent powder sets, mattifies, blurs, and smoothes with an undetectable finish. Maybelline’s setting + perfecting loose powder creates a soft focus effect as it sets makeup and mattifies shine, blurs, and smoothes. This translucent shade looks natural on all skin types and leaves a smooth, flawless finish.


Step Three: Baking

Now it’s time to wait. Leave the powder “bake” for about 10-15 minutes while you finish the rest of you eye makeup. This is when all the magic happens. After it’s set, take a big, fluffy powder brush and gently knock the powder off. Try not to disturb the makeup underneath while taking the excess powder off.

One of our favourite brushes perfect for baking:

Step Four: Set

Finally, and this one is important, once you’ve removed the powder, it’s time to set with a Fixing/Setting Mist. This will allow your makeup to last even longer and reduce the look of too-powdered skin.

One of our favourite setting sprays perfect for baking:

This lightweight mist boosts the look of makeup and extends wear all day. This lightweight layer fixes the makeup look you love all day. Boost the wear of your makeup and prevent melting and colour fading. Quick-drying mist leaves skin feeling soft and fresh, not sticky or shiny.


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