5 On-Trend Perfumes for a Fresh, New Spring!

Hand holding the Flowerbomb Nectar by Viktor & Rolf

5 On-Trend Perfumes for a Fresh, New Spring!

Spring is just around the corner, and we all know what that means – warmer days, cherry blossoms, and the chance to finally switch up your winter fragrance for a new, fresher scent that’ll have you blooming into the new season!

Spring puns aside, we’ve curated the best on-trend perfumes to give you that extra spring in your step! Check out our top new-season picks:

1. Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb Nectar EDP

The Flowerbomb Nectar by Viktor & Rolf is truly an iconic spring classic, helping scent lovers all over the world kick off spring with an enchanting floral scent burst. Tucked away in an oh-so-pretty pink glass bottle a-la-bouquet, the Flowerbomb Nectar is a sensual blend of bewitching flowers, with a deep variation on the original Flowerbomb juice, accentuated with powerful notes of orange flower and exotic tonka bean.

2. Giorgio Armani’s Si Passione EDP

Giorgio Armani’s new feminine fragrance, Si Passione, is a sparkling, fruity floral scent with notes of sweet rose and woody vanilla – and who doesn’t like vanilla?  Featuring a striking, bold red bottle that captures the essence of high-fashion, this one was created for the woman who is “passionate, feminine, and free” – we’re absolutely in love with this one.

3. YSL’s Mon Paris Couture EDP

We all know MYM is the home of YSL in New Zealand, so we’ve brought you Mon Paris Couture – a new, sparkling, citrus interpretation of the iconic Mon Paris floral signature.

Ready for a passionate love story? This Eau de Parfum combines a delicate citrus scent with the signature raspberry and strawberry from the class Mon Paris, with notes of grapefruit and mandarin for a sweetness that’s both engaging and inciting. The signature notes of white flowers are now infused with rosebud that is fresh, yet romantic. As a finishing touch, the warmth of patchouli highlights the delicate white musk in Mon Paris Couture. This one definitely deserves a place in your spring rotation!

4. Ralph Lauren’s Ralph Lauren Woman EDP

Embodying the essence of the modern woman, Ralph Lauren Woman reinterprets the iconic tuberose – an elegant white flower – from its scent all the way to the classy bottle. It’s got an alluring blend of rich, vibrant woods, hazelnut, fresh pear and ripe black current – all synergised to create a sophisticated, sensual, and confident scent.

5. Juicy Couture’s Viva La Juicy EDP

Of course, the ever-bubbly Viva La Juicy from Juicy Couture deserves a place in this list. It combines delicious wild berries with creamy vanilla and bright jasmine to create a fun, vibrant spring scent. The Viva La Juicy girl never turns down a glass of champagne or the chance to get into the tiniest bit of trouble – so if you want an extra pump of excitement in the coming warmer season, this one’s for you!

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