Expert Tips to Sweat-Proofing Your Makeup This Summer


Expert Tips to Sweat-Proofing Your Makeup This Summer

The season of pools, festivals, and endless road tripping across New Zealand is here, and we know some of you are ready to hit the beaches and get your tan on this very second. However, the time for sun and heat also means your makeup is likely to (quite literally) melt off your face – so is it really time to say goodbye to that full-coverage beat?

Ready for some summer fun but don’t want to lose full-coverage goodness? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! Here are our top expert tips to sweat-proofing your makeup so your makeup stays put this season!

Primer is your best friend

Any amazing heatproof makeup routine starts with a proper primer. This summer, you’ll want to add a reliable primer into your makeup bag because these are going to be your sweat-proofing best friend. Primer is the most important part of keeping your foundation from sweating all over the show – it keeps your makeup in place and also helps to reduce shine as you go about your day. Some primers provide extra SPF as well!

MYM pro-tip: mix a touch of your favourite foundation with primer to get that tinted moisturiser look with the added primer staying power.

Here’s some of our priming faves for different skin types:

Prime those lids!

It’s one thing to prime your face, and another to prime your lids so your eye look – aka your masterpiece – stays put. Not only does eye primer improve makeup longevity, it also intensifies the pigments to make sure those bright colours pop and your glitters shine. Waterproof shadow primer also exists for those near-the-water days when you never know what’ll happen.

Check out our top eye primer picks:

Set with spray

If you don’t already have one, a setting spray will be your summer holy grail. Setting sprays are pretty much ultra-hold spray glues for your makeup that lock in all the product. They’re also multi-purpose – setting sprays provide a cooling effect, remove sweat, and reset your makeup throughout the day. If you’ve watched YouTube tutorials recently, you’ll know that setting sprays are almost a permanent part of every makeup routine, so you don’t want to leave the house and step out into a hot day without a quick spritz.  

Don’t have one in your arsenal? You’ll love these!

Waterproof it

It’s a no-brainer – waterproof or water-resistant makeup will last longer. Switch your eyeliner and mascara formula for something a little more heavy duty; you’ll last the entire day without any unfortunate drips down your fabulous face when you start to sweat.

Looking for waterproof mascara? Check these babies out!



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